Welcome to the INTEGRATE-LMedC project. LMedC stands for Large Medical Cohorts.

INTEGRATE-LMedC is a concept to guide and support decision-making for the next-generation research infrastructure (RI) to facilitate efficient utilisation and harmonisation of large medical cohorts (LMC). The concept will also accelerate scientific and medical breakthroughs in Europe and beyond.

Mapping large medical cohort need across Europe
Identifying unmet medical need and opportunities for improved medical care
Aligning to RIs
Identifying user needs of research infrastructure cohort tools and services
Improving quality measures Prospectively improve and standardise quality assurance and control for large medical cohorts
Ethical and FAIR
Identify data, map participant and researcher strategies to prepare guidelines for cohort governance models
Data stewardship and sharing models
identifying technologies and architecture for stewardship and long-term availability for sustainable data and sample requests
Data harmonisation and a FAIR catalogue
Implement a FAIR catalogue system that contains needed Strategic European Medical Cohorts
Present a sound science case
Enable disruptive research and breakthrough science as proof of concept based on tools, methods, technologies and infrastructures
Guided by solid governance
Build on existing governance models for efficient integration of medial cohorts
Define policy
Develop guiding principles for how to make ethically provided cohort resources as widely useful as possible for the research community
Present a new concept
Define an overarching and sustainable concept to provide research infrastructures services for large medical cohort studies
Reach our stakeholders
Engage key stakeholders to share knowledge generated by INTEGRATE-LMedC and raise wider awareness

Further project information will be published shortly.